What Builds Did You Have This League in Path of Exile?

Since you can see when a person enters a new zone first you could see that some persons were pushing hier tier maps on the second day of the league (or do zana maps somehow count for that message aswell?). Now after playing some time myself i just dont understand how people progress so fast through the atlas in the early days of a league since when you are the person with the most progress in the atlas you dont have any maps to buy, because no one is able to run the maps you would need.

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So how do people get their atlas going so fast? I couldnt manage to get through red maps until i was able to buy some and a lot of people here seem to have problems with sustaining maps/getting high tier maps.

Get 6 man party. Rush through acts, farm aqueduct for tabula, so you have dps to clear maps. Kill kitava 12 hours after start. Do zana quest. Do her dailys. Daily and level up refresh maps, she sell. Buy maps from her (x6 peoples, x3-4 due level-ups). Now you have pretty much all low maps. Unlock those maps, everyone in group have 40+ atlas with most white maps unlocked. Now mapping, building map pool. Sell maps you dont need, buy maps you need. Buy unique maps and complete them. Caer Blaidd is t7 and have 4 guaranteed maps drop, Hallowed Ground have 3 maps drop. Do atziri – apex of sacrifice drop lots of low maps (like 5+ whites per clear), atziri drops sell for lot early (first day).

Yeah i’m sorry.. but all the replies in this thread makes it seem like you need to feed just one person? My group of 2-3 are steadily pushing t14-15s in 2 days. Always end the weekend on top100 ladder.

It is as simple as voiding your life for 3 days. Kitava usually go down after 7 hours, 8 if the realms disagree with us. After that we spend hours 8-16 mapping together and have live searches for decent items. That’s usually where we lose the first person to sleep. After that it’s just a clustercuck of mapping alone and together, depending on the feels. If someone has a map that not everyone’s done we just dip in for the bosskills. We buy uncompleted low tiers when we start hitting t10+ solid, finish those up and keep going at it. In abyss me and my friends got first on at least precinct and racecourse. This league we were a lot slower, but ended our weekend on monday with masters 7 across the board and had 130+/157 on the atlas.


Math about the Beastiary League – Path of Exile

Those are league mechanics that are in the core game now, they are not the temporary league mechanic yet you are just as likely to encounter those mechanics combined than the mechanic that is supposed to be the theme of the league. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to buy poe items, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap poe items for sale.

Yes buffing the spawn rate of red beasts would of course lead to the corresponding recipes of the beasts becoming more available especially very powerful ones, but this is supposed to be the theme of the league isnt it ? Why act as if is dangerous when the beast recipe mechanic may overshadow core gameplay ? It is supposed to overshadow core gameplay, it is the temporary league for crying out loud.

When you look at the most valuable recipes you need 4 specific red beasts to be captured for them. That means you have to be lucky to get 4 of the beasts you actually need to get just 1 recipe done, that may then return not what you hoped it would (as an example the 6link rare recipe may return you a 6link but on a base that is horrible in literally every way). This means that getting those specific beasts in a row is a 0.2%0.2%0.2%*0.2% = 0.0016% chance. Which would be equivalent to 20 maps.

Compared to the Breach league again where overall in every map there was a breach, in several even multiple ones, you can be very sure that when getting 6 to 9 breachstone-splinters per breach you would be very close to finishing 1 of the breachstones and getting access to a domain. Clearly this is far more accessible. But did this dump the value of Breach Uniques ? Did this break the gameplay balance for the league and flood the market with items from the domains ? That was not the case as the powerful and popular breach uniques at that time from Chayula items, to Eshs amulet (unnerfed) or Xoph’s amulet were still comfortably above a 5exalted price always.

The Idea that trading is could break the balance as well is just as wrong because Breachstones and Splinters were tradeable all the time and that also did not break teh economy. So making the content more accessible did not break the economy, unlike what Chris, or GGG in general seems to fear when people bring forth the idea of making red beasts more common.

How Many of These “Bad” Prophecies Did You Get in PoE?

I have gone through the prophecies and made a list of what I see as the worst of the worst and put an “X” next to those I personally encountered.

  • Living Fires
  • Fallow at Last
  • Path of Betrayal
  • The Forgotten Soldiers
  • The Child of Lunaris
  • The Forgotten Garrison
  • The Stockkeeper X
  • Unnatural Energy X
  • Holding the Bridge
  • In the Grasp of Corruption
  • Defiled in the Sceptre
  • Vaal Invasion
  • Visions of the Drowned X TOO MANY GOD DAMN TIMES
  • Undead Uprising
  • Brothers in Arms

Certain prophecies such as Hidden Vaal Pathways and Rebirth I didn’t mention because I feel like they have some sort of utility because the first one provides a guaranteed reward in the end of the vaal zone and the second one (and other 10+ similar ones – either spawning a mob or a pack) may spawn in maps, effectively increasing monster quota / pack size.

What my problem with these prophecies is that they have the specific cancer trio of the trash prophecy:

  • Requires backtracking in a previous act
  • Generates (a) weak area-leveled mob(s)
  • Provides no guaranteed drop (no matter how trash it would be)

Here are a few suggestions that could improve them:

  • Delete them straight up: Would result in lost content, although there are quite a few disabled/removed prophecies such as The Emperor’s Trove which actually had great impacts.
  • Make the enemies your level when you get the prophecy (if you seek it at lvl 80, mobs are lvl 80 no matter the map level) and drop more and rarer items of your level.
  • Rework them in order to be map-viable. Maybe Brutus and Kole from the Brothers in Arms prophecy spawn in the Dungeon map (example). It makes sense!

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What map did you shape in Path of Exile 3.1?

In Abyss I had 118 atlas bonus and shaped Phantasmagoria as my T11 (from Cemetery) and Dunes T12 Shore 13 Vault 14 Belfry 15, all open maps for spectres except Phantasmagoria which the sole purpose is to vendor 3x into Dunes for infinite Dunes, had plenty of maps overall, at one stage I had farmed 31 Guardian maps from 98-99 alone. This league I have 113 bonus and cant sustain, playing Cyclone – T11 Atoll, T12 Bone Crypt (farming it for wretched as nothing else to do while farming xp) no T13 (so it becomes Bone Crypt) T14 Waste Pool t15 Siege.

Necromancer ascendancy

I’m lvl 95 and have zero maps above T11 and 9 T11 left, I remember having approx 25ish T14 maps 2 weeks into abyss league, the only way I can get maps is by going on poetrade and buying the cheapest t12 – torture chamber the worst map in the game – but it does have decent density but then it drops fkn Malformation reguarly. I’m feeling forced to ruin my atlas and whole playing experience just to sustain maps.

Same, just doesn’t seem worth spending more money into my char even though I have like 2.5 ex lying around. I suppose I’ll make a lab farmer tomorrow. I bought some cheap 6 link chests and what not just to set up each character. Just waiting to build up the Exalts to buy the necessary endgame gear for each. Until then I’ll keep enjoying different builds. It’s so frustrating coming to a stand still due to maps not dropping.

The nerf to drop rates is what’s causing this, not your lack of atlas progression. Don’t expect to complete the rest of your atlas and have things suddenly change for you, the difference between 60% chance and 20% to get a 2 tier map upgrade may be substantial but reds are just hard to drop in general right now.

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PoE: Don’t Abyss Have Severe Penalties To Dropping Maps Though?

I legit blew 100 chaos buying t11-13s, fully chiseled, alch’d and vaal’d every single one. In the maps I killed every boss, cleared every monster and opened every chest/trunk. With an atlas completion that seems to be above the average (116 atm) I’d expect to at least get SOME map returns in the red tier.

I’m a bit wary of calling the “they must have nerfed red drop rates” but something does feel off here. Nets and capturing aside, I’m actually enjoying the league for the fresh feel of the ascendancies. But at this very point I don’t see a way out of the rut, having blown all my currency on red maps and seeing, practically speaking, zero map sustainability.

The issue is they nerfed map drop significantly in 3.2, Abyss map up for it a tiny bit, but even chiseled and well rolled map into vaal, nope. Before 3.2 and we’re talking all the way back to when mapping was added, I’ve always been able to “Breakthrough” the early high-tier map choke and just play high tier map all day. But last season? And this season? It’s nigh impossible, and it’s boring me the fuck out. Running T9-T10 maps isn’t fun, it’s too easy.

Oh and there is a theory out there that Nets are simply competing with other drops, including map, making it harder for them to drop. If I remember correctly, the game first rolls item class, then it rolls base type, and then rarity. Because Nets are now a thing, they take up a portion of your “roll bracket”. Nets are poe currency which would only explain why I cannot sustain alchemy path of exile orbs. maps are a different type of drop.

In my opinion, i feel the same. Although I managed to get into T15 (only carcass so far), the map drops are scarce. I am almost level 93 and still haven’t got a guardian map, atlas completion around 120. I was playing a lot the first week though as I took a holiday at work, if not for that, I would probably still be struggling with yellow maps.

The thing that bothers me more though is the fact that I cannot sustain alchs. Not sustaining chisels is common, but every league so far I have been able to sustain alchs by using very strict filter, picking every unique and vendoring it. This league offers basically no bonus monsters thus no bonus loot and I cannot sustain alchs anymore. It is painful to trade for them and it is making me not want to play the game. Especially if you are making your way through maps and gear, if you manage to get let’s say 20c, you cannot use them to upgrade your gear, but you have to use them to buy alchs just so you can continue running maps. Without any big rng, I feel like casual players cannot progress their atlas and gear at the same time. Bestiary crafting could help with that, you know, craft some better gear, but in its current state it’s useless.

PoE: Bestiary Needs To Be A Part of the Normal Game

The recipes, the feel of the game, I just love this so much. The CATCHING can use some love, but I love the red legendary mobs, the abilities are just so goddamn cool.

6linked a max rolled chest like 24h after league start and that was the only reason I even played more then one day. I stoped now because there is nothing new to do besides uberelder and u need a t15 elder first and I dont want to go threw so much rng for 1 new thing and maybe never get it.

It’s a terrible league, specifically because it’s already been balanced as a Standard league mechanic, eg something that was fully intended to go to Standard. The mechanic itself expands on lore and hints at future content, like the First Ones arriving.

This is the same issue Harbinger suffered from. At first glance, I think all of the new poe currency in Harbinger was intended to go to Standard, but after seeing how some of it was utterly useless and some of it really strong, it was re-balanced.

All that said, it doesn’t really add too many things that the base game doesn’t have a way of doing, and some of the nice QOL things it adds I would almost bet they remove (like adding specific Suffix mods to flasks). I’ve played quite a bit this league, as in I’ve farmed the path of exile currency to straight up buy a Headhunter, and I haven’t seen one of the Legendary beasts. For the rest of the crafting, it’s just RNG (Tilesets/mobs) -> RNG (Capture specific mobs) -> RNG (Mods on mobs) -> RNG (Red mods on mobs) -> RNG (Blood Altar)

It’s just Prophecy all over again.

We already know that it’s most definitely going into the standard game, this wasn’t a new LEAGUE per se it was just another release of an already planned addition to the standard game. That’s really my biggest problem.

The whole Bestiary mechanic is nice and probably a cool addition to the game, especially for the casual playerbase, but it certainly is a really bad and un-fun LEAGUE MECHANIC, because it’s no where near as engaging fun-wise for the player as other league mechanics we had, best example being Breach.

The Latest Uber Elder Unique in Path of Exile – Voidforge

For the people saying that it’s just a 750 edps sword, remember that it scales with all the phys nodes on the tree. On top of that, the base phys is pretty low, meaning flat phys from abyssus/accessories is huge.

Assuming no other sources of ele damage, each hit applies an EE debuff for one or two elements depending on outcome of each of the ‘pick an element’ rolls for Wild Strike and the weapon respectively. The distribution for that is 1/3 chance for a single element, 2/3 chance for two elements.

If you rolled a single element, each component of the subsequent hit has 1/3 chance to repeat that element and get the EE penalty, and 2/3 chance to get the EE bonus. But if you rolled two elements previously, each component now has 2/3 chance to land on the penalty and 1/3 to get the bonus! Summed across the previous distribution, we get 5/9 chance to land on the penalty and only 4/9 chance to land on the bonus—this is not looking good.

The exact net benefits (or drawbacks!) of EE depend on the effective resistance of the target together with penetration effects, so it’s very much build dependent. If we assume an Ascendant Elementalist-Pathfinder (but not a regular Pathfinder, as Veteran Bowyer gives another ‘of a random element’ roll which will just make things even worse) that’s 16 penetration from the Ascendancy, and then there’s 11 generic penetration with weapons on the tree for 27 total. (The next obvious source of elemental penetration is The Wise Oak but I’m not including that.) On a standard boss with 40 resist, you would have a net 87% damage multiplier. With the EE penalty on, that’s net 62% damage; with the EE bonus it’s 137%.

Summed across the odds we computed you would have on average an ~95% effective damage multiplier, which comes out to ~9.6% more damage over not having EE at all. Perhaps enough for EE to remain a one-point wonder on the tree, but certainly not enough for me to bother not having additional sources of elemental damage on a build.

For those people saying this is bad, you clearly need to relearn how damage conversion works in this game. You can effectively just substitute this weapon in for a starforge and stack added physical damage and get around 3 times the effective dps of a pure phys build. You can then pick inquisitor and go crit and ignore resists. So no this weapon doesn’t suck, it is in fact completely rediculous.

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The ARPG We Always Wanted – Path of Exile

Path of Exile have established themselves as thought leaders in the ARPG genre not only for fantastic gameplay mechanics and design but also their evident success in offering PoE as entirely free to play with a robust microtransaction shop for cosmetic and convenience related items. The game takes some inspiration from beloved titles of old and innovates in a variety of ways.

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A gritty, dark vision for the world of Wraeclast is realized in the art and visual direction as well as a soundtrack that sets this mood admirably well. The audio effects are distinctive (e.g. monsters, combat, abilities). Of special note for me is the voice acting and dialogue (particularly for the Templar); maybe it’s just me, but I find it downright haunting.

You’ll find a surprisingly filled out lore and setting, replete with a powerful narrative to take you through an interesting world. Honestly the best I’ve ever seen in any ARPG. The unsurprising downside to this is a heavy handed delivery of all that information via dialogue text windows. Regrettable but given the limitations of the genre, understandable.

The multiple systems that influence gameplay taken altogether are deep and empowering, making PoE from a mechanics perspective the single most complex and satisfying ARPG I’ve played to date, and I haven’t even fully explored the different characters, playstyles and strategies yet. Just take a glance at GGG’s old Build of the Week video series to immediately appreciate the cleverness and variety the player community can bring to bear.

It’s a highly creative dynamic between active and support skill gems which are socketed into gear, attributes, classes with different specializations and different starting points on a huge passive skill tree, major and minor passive upgrades and more. In building your character you must account for all the staples of ARPG combat you could think of and then some. In addition to skill gems you have a host of consumable orbs and other Path of Exile items which serve as “functional” currency with direct uses such as modifying equipment, modifying gems, modifying your passive skill tree, crafting, etc.

Path of Exile 3.1 Uber Atziri Guide

Uber Atziri is for me the toughest boss hanging around undoubtedly, however, it will get much simpler when you are aware the way the mechanics work.

To begin with, the mobs within the zone are Magic & Rare and also the melee mobs have an elemental resistance which means you will not just 1 shot them. Create melee range them, they hit for much too. If you are uncomfortable with playing around dodging stuff you can easily spend some time and obvious them gradually.

The first boss you will come across would be the Vaal Twins. Generally, they are pretty easy before you kill one of these. Then your other will get pissed off and essentially all his attacks become very deadly. What for you to do here is to buy one of these to ~ 20%, get rid of the other after which finish the first.

The second boss may be the hardest within the whole zone – The Trio. In this fight I love to use Vessel of Vinktar flask for added Existence Leech against all of the damage with time they are doing – consider getting that, it’s important. Initially, you wish to activate all your flasks and Vaal skills, begin and As soon as possible get rid of the ranged one (A’alai). She will not move whatsoever and her ranged attacks hurt a great deal too so she’s to visit first. She dies in 1-2 seconds if you have enough time kill Y’ara’az too. Whether it becomes hairy just try to escape and begin dodging – individuals 2 you are able to dodge endlessly. the second one you have to kill is Y’ara’az. He’s elemental reflect that will get buffed a great deal if he’s overlooked like a 4g iphone – for this reason, he needs to go second. Dodge both of them and barrage. As he dies complete Quran. Just beware his cleave applies lots of bleeds and that he could be pretty sudden and fast with cyclone – aside from this, he’s EZ.

Since you have wiped out these you are able to proceed to Atziri’s chamber. Atziri herself is not way too hard to handle. Using the DPS we’ve each phase lasts around 1-2 seconds. The way you do here is that you simply enter her face and dps her lower before she is capable of doing anything. Throughout the Clone, phase stay bottom right. They’ll always cast a flame blast on the top individuals (which will kill you) so you have to dodge might blink left side. When the reflect Clone is around the left (the main one using the mirror) blink to top right rather. We do not have to pierce on barrage so you don’t have to be worried about striking the Mirror Clone with barrage.

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PoE: Don’t I Control Where The Elder Is Influencing Itself?

I’m trying to move my Elder influence towards the center of the map, and I tried to move it twice by completing a map that was adjacent to an elder map, and said map had shaper influence. I completed the map twice and it didnt move at all and upon completing a different map in attempt to get the elder influence back on that first map, I lost a good portion of my elder influence. Wtf. How does this work? Is it completely random whether or not the influence moves? Is it random if the influence disappears?


path of exile

So the top picture is your current atlas. The middle picture is Shaper taking over a map (this occurs randomly when you complete any map). As you can see, there are now two Elder blobs that are not joined together. As explained by the golden rule in my previous post, only one of them can exist: the blob containing elder (this has priority) or the larger blob. In this example, despite Elder being contained in the smaller blob, Elder must be in the blob that survives so you lose everything on the left side as shown in the last picture.

The map that gets taken over in the second picture (the bottom circle), is known as a chokepoint. Losing this means you lose a lot of influence.

For your atlas, you probably want to take: Estuary, Shipyard, Tower, in that order. Then you can take Precinct, Promenade, and then Racecourse. If at any point (check your atlas after every map), Shaper takes over Shore, you must get that back to Elder influence. Similarly, if Shaper takes Shipyard or Estuary.

The reason for this is that: Shore can take Tower(chokepoint) cutting off Precinct etc, Shipyard can also take Tower(chokepoint), Estuary can take Tropical Island(chokepoint) cutting off Shore, Tower, Precinct, etc.

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