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I’m coming to tell you the library expedition in ArcheAge

I have been playing ArcheAge for several years, I always spend some money to buy ArcheAge Gold on weekend. Today I will tell you soem stories of the library expedition, below is the details, I hope you would like this:

About 500 years before the fall of Auroria, twelve adventurers came together to form the “Library Expedition.” They were: Gene, the human leader of the Shadowhawks–a vigilante group, and the son of a murderous mistress to a powerful King. Eanna, the noble daughter of the governor of Delphinad, and a kind-hearted, selfless soul. Lucius, a bawdy playwright and bard with a penchant for romance.

Naima, a tribal priestess belonging to a nomadic human culture. Kyprosa, the unloved daughter of a mad King. Orchidna, the erratic sister of Kyprosa, equally unwanted. Inoch, a pious priest who turned in to an Astra as a child. Ollo, the son of a Dwarven king who was conquered in battle, obsessed with time manipulation. Tahyang, the eldest son of a powerful Mahra, and friend of Gene and co-leader of the Shadowhawks. Melisara, the assassin hired to kill Gene for his mother’s crimes. Aranzeb, the eventual king of the Elves and hermit scholar. Aranzebia, the childish and jealous god-daughter of Aranzeb.


The expedition was tumultuous at best, set in motion after a jailbreak meant to free Inoch from imprisonment for his hand in inspiring Lucius’s play, “The Scoundrel,” which mocked those who would follow lesser gods than Thiol, and the gods themselves. After fleeing the city, they came to discover the Garden, where they wound up lost and separated for hundreds of years, and where they were imbued with great powers alike to the gods of the Delphinad Pantheon.

Gene inherited powers akin to the God of Destruction, Kyrios. Eanna inherited powers alike to Goddess of the Hereafter and Death, Nui. Aranzebia proclaimed her power to be that of the Goddess of Sea and Change, Dahuta. Ollo took up the mantle of the God of Abundance for the powers he inherited, Shatigon.

Tahyang did not take up the title of a god himself, but was widely considered to have the powers of the God of Wind. Inoch claimed the power of the God of Seals and Doors, Haje. Kyprosa was thought to have inherited the powers of the Keeper of the Gate, Lancisa (Localization Pending). Melisara gained the power to trap souls during assassination. Lucius gained the power to change forms at will. Aranzeb inherited greater magical powers. Naima perished before reaching the Garden, and Orchidna took the throne of the Faery queen, releasing the Faeries from the Garden and sealing herself in it for centuries.

Archeage-store: notes about game currency orders

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Important reminder
1. Purchasing in-game currency has some risk which may result in possible account suspension or termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.
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ArcheAge: Dread Prophecies Screenshot

We held a Omen of Dread Prophecies Screenshot Contest last week, which is really funny and lots of ArcheAge lovers joined, and now the result comes out, Below is some award screenshot:

ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides ArcheAge Guides

Congratulations to our winners who have each earned a treasure trove of ship components and thanks to everyone who entered this contest! The winners will get some Free ArcheAge Gold sponsored by We’re looking forward to hosting more contests in the future!

I want to know how to make golds in ArcheAge

I am a die-hard ArcheAge fan, but I feel so difficult to earn some ArcheAge Gold in the game. I’m so poor, I want to be a rich man in this virtual world. I’m interested in how other gamers earn golds.

I started with freshwater fishing to level fishing for free basically. After that there is usually a fishing raid going on so I try to get invited to that, sometimes i do sometimes i don’t.

If I can’t get in a raid I port to cearnord and check the docks to see if people are coming and going, if they are just hop on a boat and see where it takes you (unless its with some known unfriendlys).

ArcheAge Gold

If nobody is at caernord then i try lutesong harbor, if nobody is tehre then i try austera.
Kyrios server for the most part is pretty good about accepting people to the fishing raids but sometimes it can take time to get in cause the leader isn’t paying attention to chat all the time and most people don’t bother to whisper you the leaders name.

I have a farm cart and I don’t feel like I’m making very much gold at all. When Halcyona is at peace I go from there to Marianople, which appears to be the best profit/time. Takes around 10 mins but I get less than 5 gold profit. Keep in mind I buy the 2 materials for the pack and fuel from the auction house, so its not about amount i get for turn in, its amount-cost of mats and fuel. I can go way further to Gwenoid but this can take up to 30 mins for 9 gold profit. What am I doing wrong?

To be rich in ArcheAge

You can earn golds with you own hand if you don’t want to spend your money to buy ArcheAge Gold. Getting rich within ArcheAge doesn’t happen in a day and will require some effort over a period of time, but once you get going you’ll watch your wealth continue to grow and grow. Here are some techniques for you to get that ball rolling.


Land in Archeage is a bit of a new concept for MMOs, and is possibly the single best investment that you can make to earn money within this game. Owning land within the world of Tibia means that you actually have an area on the map that belongs to you, rather than just owning some instanced zone that nobody can really see. With this in mind, it brings in a sort of real world element in which land is limited.

To be rich in ArcheAge

This is where you profit. With land being limited, this brings in demand for certain zones. If you plan on playing when the game launches, this could be your best chance for getting an early lead in the game. Try to pick up areas of land that are in prime locations as soon as you can upon launch. This could be areas that are by teleporters, important NPCs, and even just being near water. Within a few weeks there won’t be any prime land left for grabs, and that’s when prices are going to skyrocket for people that were too late to pick up a slice of the pie.

This is the best way to earn gold in ArcheAge Online, but it will only be temporary!

Leveling — Stockpiling

When you’re leveling up your first character, it’s going to be tempting to spend money. Keep in mind that everything you need to spend money on is in the endgame, and it’s just a waste once you outlevel it if you’re spending a lot of money now. Gear you receive from quests is well enough to cap out your level, and there’s no point in spending money on mounts since endgame mounts are much better than early and midgame mounts. Not to mention that there are some free mounts you can pick up from questing, so you’ll never need to buy one early on. As you level, stockpile everything you earn.

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