To be rich in ArcheAge

You can earn golds with you own hand if you don’t want to spend your money to buy ArcheAge Gold. Getting rich within ArcheAge doesn’t happen in a day and will require some effort over a period of time, but once you get going you’ll watch your wealth continue to grow and grow. Here are some techniques for you to get that ball rolling.


Land in Archeage is a bit of a new concept for MMOs, and is possibly the single best investment that you can make to earn money within this game. Owning land within the world of Tibia means that you actually have an area on the map that belongs to you, rather than just owning some instanced zone that nobody can really see. With this in mind, it brings in a sort of real world element in which land is limited.

To be rich in ArcheAge

This is where you profit. With land being limited, this brings in demand for certain zones. If you plan on playing when the game launches, this could be your best chance for getting an early lead in the game. Try to pick up areas of land that are in prime locations as soon as you can upon launch. This could be areas that are by teleporters, important NPCs, and even just being near water. Within a few weeks there won’t be any prime land left for grabs, and that’s when prices are going to skyrocket for people that were too late to pick up a slice of the pie.

This is the best way to earn gold in ArcheAge Online, but it will only be temporary!

Leveling — Stockpiling

When you’re leveling up your first character, it’s going to be tempting to spend money. Keep in mind that everything you need to spend money on is in the endgame, and it’s just a waste once you outlevel it if you’re spending a lot of money now. Gear you receive from quests is well enough to cap out your level, and there’s no point in spending money on mounts since endgame mounts are much better than early and midgame mounts. Not to mention that there are some free mounts you can pick up from questing, so you’ll never need to buy one early on. As you level, stockpile everything you earn.

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