I want to know how to make golds in ArcheAge

I am a die-hard ArcheAge fan, but I feel so difficult to earn some ArcheAge Gold in the game. I’m so poor, I want to be a rich man in this virtual world. I’m interested in how other gamers earn golds.

I started with freshwater fishing to level fishing for free basically. After that there is usually a fishing raid going on so I try to get invited to that, sometimes i do sometimes i don’t.

If I can’t get in a raid I port to cearnord and check the docks to see if people are coming and going, if they are just hop on a boat and see where it takes you (unless its with some known unfriendlys).

ArcheAge Gold

If nobody is at caernord then i try lutesong harbor, if nobody is tehre then i try austera.
Kyrios server for the most part is pretty good about accepting people to the fishing raids but sometimes it can take time to get in cause the leader isn’t paying attention to chat all the time and most people don’t bother to whisper you the leaders name.

I have a farm cart and I don’t feel like I’m making very much gold at all. When Halcyona is at peace I go from there to Marianople, which appears to be the best profit/time. Takes around 10 mins but I get less than 5 gold profit. Keep in mind I buy the 2 materials for the pack and fuel from the auction house, so its not about amount i get for turn in, its amount-cost of mats and fuel. I can go way further to Gwenoid but this can take up to 30 mins for 9 gold profit. What am I doing wrong?

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