The Latest Uber Elder Unique in Path of Exile – Voidforge

For the people saying that it’s just a 750 edps sword, remember that it scales with all the phys nodes on the tree. On top of that, the base phys is pretty low, meaning flat phys from abyssus/accessories is huge.

Assuming no other sources of ele damage, each hit applies an EE debuff for one or two elements depending on outcome of each of the ‘pick an element’ rolls for Wild Strike and the weapon respectively. The distribution for that is 1/3 chance for a single element, 2/3 chance for two elements.

If you rolled a single element, each component of the subsequent hit has 1/3 chance to repeat that element and get the EE penalty, and 2/3 chance to get the EE bonus. But if you rolled two elements previously, each component now has 2/3 chance to land on the penalty and 1/3 to get the bonus! Summed across the previous distribution, we get 5/9 chance to land on the penalty and only 4/9 chance to land on the bonus—this is not looking good.

The exact net benefits (or drawbacks!) of EE depend on the effective resistance of the target together with penetration effects, so it’s very much build dependent. If we assume an Ascendant Elementalist-Pathfinder (but not a regular Pathfinder, as Veteran Bowyer gives another ‘of a random element’ roll which will just make things even worse) that’s 16 penetration from the Ascendancy, and then there’s 11 generic penetration with weapons on the tree for 27 total. (The next obvious source of elemental penetration is The Wise Oak but I’m not including that.) On a standard boss with 40 resist, you would have a net 87% damage multiplier. With the EE penalty on, that’s net 62% damage; with the EE bonus it’s 137%.

Summed across the odds we computed you would have on average an ~95% effective damage multiplier, which comes out to ~9.6% more damage over not having EE at all. Perhaps enough for EE to remain a one-point wonder on the tree, but certainly not enough for me to bother not having additional sources of elemental damage on a build.

For those people saying this is bad, you clearly need to relearn how damage conversion works in this game. You can effectively just substitute this weapon in for a starforge and stack added physical damage and get around 3 times the effective dps of a pure phys build. You can then pick inquisitor and go crit and ignore resists. So no this weapon doesn’t suck, it is in fact completely rediculous.

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