PoE: Bestiary Needs To Be A Part of the Normal Game

The recipes, the feel of the game, I just love this so much. The CATCHING can use some love, but I love the red legendary mobs, the abilities are just so goddamn cool.

6linked a max rolled chest like 24h after league start and that was the only reason I even played more then one day. I stoped now because there is nothing new to do besides uberelder and u need a t15 elder first and I dont want to go threw so much rng for 1 new thing and maybe never get it.

It’s a terrible league, specifically because it’s already been balanced as a Standard league mechanic, eg something that was fully intended to go to Standard. The mechanic itself expands on lore and hints at future content, like the First Ones arriving.

This is the same issue Harbinger suffered from. At first glance, I think all of the new poe currency in Harbinger was intended to go to Standard, but after seeing how some of it was utterly useless and some of it really strong, it was re-balanced.

All that said, it doesn’t really add too many things that the base game doesn’t have a way of doing, and some of the nice QOL things it adds I would almost bet they remove (like adding specific Suffix mods to flasks). I’ve played quite a bit this league, as in I’ve farmed the path of exile currency to straight up buy a Headhunter, and I haven’t seen one of the Legendary beasts. For the rest of the crafting, it’s just RNG (Tilesets/mobs) -> RNG (Capture specific mobs) -> RNG (Mods on mobs) -> RNG (Red mods on mobs) -> RNG (Blood Altar)

It’s just Prophecy all over again.

We already know that it’s most definitely going into the standard game, this wasn’t a new LEAGUE per se it was just another release of an already planned addition to the standard game. That’s really my biggest problem.

The whole Bestiary mechanic is nice and probably a cool addition to the game, especially for the casual playerbase, but it certainly is a really bad and un-fun LEAGUE MECHANIC, because it’s no where near as engaging fun-wise for the player as other league mechanics we had, best example being Breach.

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