PoE: Don’t Abyss Have Severe Penalties To Dropping Maps Though?

I legit blew 100 chaos buying t11-13s, fully chiseled, alch’d and vaal’d every single one. In the maps I killed every boss, cleared every monster and opened every chest/trunk. With an atlas completion that seems to be above the average (116 atm) I’d expect to at least get SOME map returns in the red tier.

I’m a bit wary of calling the “they must have nerfed red drop rates” but something does feel off here. Nets and capturing aside, I’m actually enjoying the league for the fresh feel of the ascendancies. But at this very point I don’t see a way out of the rut, having blown all my currency on red maps and seeing, practically speaking, zero map sustainability.

The issue is they nerfed map drop significantly in 3.2, Abyss map up for it a tiny bit, but even chiseled and well rolled map into vaal, nope. Before 3.2 and we’re talking all the way back to when mapping was added, I’ve always been able to “Breakthrough” the early high-tier map choke and just play high tier map all day. But last season? And this season? It’s nigh impossible, and it’s boring me the fuck out. Running T9-T10 maps isn’t fun, it’s too easy.

Oh and there is a theory out there that Nets are simply competing with other drops, including map, making it harder for them to drop. If I remember correctly, the game first rolls item class, then it rolls base type, and then rarity. Because Nets are now a thing, they take up a portion of your “roll bracket”. Nets are poe currency which would only explain why I cannot sustain alchemy¬†path of exile orbs. maps are a different type of drop.

In my opinion, i feel the same. Although I managed to get into T15 (only carcass so far), the map drops are scarce. I am almost level 93 and still haven’t got a guardian map, atlas completion around 120. I was playing a lot the first week though as I took a holiday at work, if not for that, I would probably still be struggling with yellow maps.

The thing that bothers me more though is the fact that I cannot sustain alchs. Not sustaining chisels is common, but every league so far I have been able to sustain alchs by using very strict filter, picking every unique and vendoring it. This league offers basically no bonus monsters thus no bonus loot and I cannot sustain alchs anymore. It is painful to trade for them and it is making me not want to play the game. Especially if you are making your way through maps and gear, if you manage to get let’s say 20c, you cannot use them to upgrade your gear, but you have to use them to buy alchs just so you can continue running maps. Without any big rng, I feel like casual players cannot progress their atlas and gear at the same time. Bestiary crafting could help with that, you know, craft some better gear, but in its current state it’s useless.

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