What map did you shape in Path of Exile 3.1?

In Abyss I had 118 atlas bonus and shaped Phantasmagoria as my T11 (from Cemetery) and Dunes T12 Shore 13 Vault 14 Belfry 15, all open maps for spectres except Phantasmagoria which the sole purpose is to vendor 3x into Dunes for infinite Dunes, had plenty of maps overall, at one stage I had farmed 31 Guardian maps from 98-99 alone. This league I have 113 bonus and cant sustain, playing Cyclone – T11 Atoll, T12 Bone Crypt (farming it for wretched as nothing else to do while farming xp) no T13 (so it becomes Bone Crypt) T14 Waste Pool t15 Siege.

Necromancer ascendancy

I’m lvl 95 and have zero maps above T11 and 9 T11 left, I remember having approx 25ish T14 maps 2 weeks into abyss league, the only way I can get maps is by going on poetrade and buying the cheapest t12 – torture chamber the worst map in the game – but it does have decent density but then it drops fkn Malformation reguarly. I’m feeling forced to ruin my atlas and whole playing experience just to sustain maps.

Same, just doesn’t seem worth spending more money into my char even though I have like 2.5 ex lying around. I suppose I’ll make a lab farmer tomorrow. I bought some cheap 6 link chests and what not just to set up each character. Just waiting to build up the Exalts to buy the necessary endgame gear for each. Until then I’ll keep enjoying different builds. It’s so frustrating coming to a stand still due to maps not dropping.

The nerf to drop rates is what’s causing this, not your lack of atlas progression. Don’t expect to complete the rest of your atlas and have things suddenly change for you, the difference between 60% chance and 20% to get a 2 tier map upgrade may be substantial but reds are just hard to drop in general right now.

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