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PoE: Don’t I Control Where The Elder Is Influencing Itself?

I’m trying to move my Elder influence towards the center of the map, and I tried to move it twice by completing a map that was adjacent to an elder map, and said map had shaper influence. I completed the map twice and it didnt move at all and upon completing a different map in attempt to get the elder influence back on that first map, I lost a good portion of my elder influence. Wtf. How does this work? Is it completely random whether or not the influence moves? Is it random if the influence disappears?


path of exile

So the top picture is your current atlas. The middle picture is Shaper taking over a map (this occurs randomly when you complete any map). As you can see, there are now two Elder blobs that are not joined together. As explained by the golden rule in my previous post, only one of them can exist: the blob containing elder (this has priority) or the larger blob. In this example, despite Elder being contained in the smaller blob, Elder must be in the blob that survives so you lose everything on the left side as shown in the last picture.

The map that gets taken over in the second picture (the bottom circle), is known as a chokepoint. Losing this means you lose a lot of influence.

For your atlas, you probably want to take: Estuary, Shipyard, Tower, in that order. Then you can take Precinct, Promenade, and then Racecourse. If at any point (check your atlas after every map), Shaper takes over Shore, you must get that back to Elder influence. Similarly, if Shaper takes Shipyard or Estuary.

The reason for this is that: Shore can take Tower(chokepoint) cutting off Precinct etc, Shipyard can also take Tower(chokepoint), Estuary can take Tropical Island(chokepoint) cutting off Shore, Tower, Precinct, etc.

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