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What The Most Impossible Eight-Mod Map To Play in PoE?

A corrupted 8 mod map may have 4 prefixes and 4 suffixes, so we are bound by that. Here’s the list of possible map mods.

This is the most impossible combination that I could come up with:

  • P Monsters reflect #% of Elemental Damage
  • P Monsters reflect #% of Physical Damage
  • S Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
  • S Cannot Leech Life from Monsters / Cannot Leech Mana from Monsters
  • S Players gain #% reduced Flask Charges
  • S -#% maximum Player Resistances
  • P Monsters deal #% extra Damage as Cold
  • P Monsters deal #% extra Damage as Lightning

The first four mods will eliminate most builds. I think only ED, totem, miner and trapper have any chance, which is why the fifth mod is there. It will make their lives a lot harder by reducing their only source of mana. No mana => no attack => dead. Mod number 6 will reduce their resistances so they can be chilled/frozen easier by mod 7 and shocked harder by mod 8. Even when they can manage their mana well, each hit will hurt a lot.

The tricky part is not all builds depend on block. So we can make it impossible for some builds and hard for the remainder, or make it possible but really hard for all builds.

For example something like this is very dangerous but not impossible:

  • P #% increased Monster Damage
  • P Monsters deal #% extra Damage as Fire
  • P Monsters deal #% extra Damage as Cold
  • P Monsters deal #% extra Damage as Lightning
  • S Monsters have #% increased Critical Strike Chance / +#% to Monster Critical Strike Multiplier
  • S -#% maximum Player Resistances
  • S Area has patches of shocking ground
  • S Players have #% reduced Block Chance / Players have #% less Armour

Does anyone have any idea of a more deadly combination? Also, if you want to buy exalted orbs, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.